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truMerge is a merge helper tool that combines true rename functionality with Subversion merge, in order to handle tree conflicts more reliably and effectively.

Do not be fooled by the name: truMerge is by no means "the truth" in merging (we believe that in due course, Subversion will blow truMerge out of the water). However, we find it useful and to be a significant improvement over Subversion's current merge for archives that undergo a lot of tree restructuring.

Releases can be found here.

The latest release (1.7.0) sports the following features:

  • Supports normal, reverse, and reintegration merges
  • Automatic resolution of a wide range of tree conflicts
  • Supports merging into working copies that have local modifications
  • Supports merging multiple revision ranges as well as automatically skipping already merged revisions
  • Supports multiple OS platforms (1.7.0 was tested on Windows 7)
  • Supports merge tracking (compatible with native svn merge tracking in 1.5 and higher)
  • Compatible with svn 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7
More information can be found in the README, DOCUMENTATION, and INSTALL files, or on the Wiki.

How to get involved

Any help is welcome!

As it is now, truMerge is already very helpful, but it is neither without problems nor without limitations.

Here are some suggestions to get started:

  1. Test. Download truMerge, try it out and test the tool. If you find problems, please report them.
  2. Discuss. Share your experiences with other users.
  3. Contribute. Fix problems that you or others find (here is a list of open issues )
  4. Promote. Tell others about this tool.
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